I had the best weekend!  I went to bed on Sunday night feeling so content. It’s funny, because we didn’t do anything big. It was a healthy balance of work and play, all with the three people closest to my heart.

My son and I cooked dinner together on Friday night. We tried a recipe for a pizza crust made from cauliflower that he had chosen. It was good!

He and I also worked on his bedroom. I rearranged his furniture in a way that I think will be more practical.  He went through and indicated which toys and books he is ready to part with. They’re bagged up and ready to donate so a younger child can make use of them.  This also makes the things that he still wants to use so much more visible and accessible. We worked hard, and he is happy with the result. I’m happy too!

Our entire family, including our dog, walked/biked/scootered to our neighborhood park and played together.

Then we played a board game that we hadn’t thought about in quite awhile.  Funny how going through the toys and things reminds us of certain items that we loved but haven’t played with lately. 

We saw The Good Dinosaur at a local theater that serves food, so we ate dinner while we watched.  (I love that in theory, but the food is mediocre at best.)

My daughter and I hit up a couple more parks together.  I often just watch while my kids play, especially if we’ve met friends there and I’m chatting with the other parents.  This weekend, though, I played a lot and had SO MUCH FUN!  I haven’t done so much climbing in years!

We typically have various obligations and planned activities, which is fine and often better than fine. It is great to spend time with friends and extended family and to participate in structured activities that we enjoy. It is so refreshing, though, to have a quiet weekend like this. Without having to run off in opposite directions for activities, my husband and I had more time to connect as well.

My biggest takeaways are:

1) I am definitely not too old to have a blast playing at the park! 

2) Household work can be fun with the right company!

How was your weekend? Do you prefer to be busy or to have plenty of unscheduled time?


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