Yesterday, my kids and I had the chance to visit my uncle and aunt while they were on a trip back to Minnesota from Washington. This is my dad’s brother and his wife. I don’t see them often. I enjoyed visiting with my parents, one of my brothers, and my uncle and aunt.

I enjoyed watching my father and his brother interact, and considering the decades-long relationship they have.  I hope my kids remain friends for life.  What a gift.

Brothers poring over pictures as they share memories.


2 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. You’ve hit on one of my single long term desires – that my kids stay close. They get along remarkably and probably because they are so different from each other. I just hope that they always enjoy the closeness.

    • Mine do fight like cats and dogs at times, AND they are best friends. I’m not sure how those two things fit together, but they really do. I didn’t have a sibling close in age, so I didn’t have that experience of closeness. I, too, hope mine will remain close.

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