Enjoying Fall – A Day in the Life

One benefit of homeschooling, for us, is that some days can be pretty flexible. After eating breakfast and doing a lesson in geology, my son asked me if we could “do school” outside. I told him that it wouldn’t work for everything we had on the docket that day, but that we certainly could for some of it. I began packing up books, paper and pencils, and my children went and bundled themselves up. A few short days ago it was 90 degrees, but it was only around 50 degrees now. While not terribly cold, it was colder than we’ve been accustomed to recently. I personally think they overdid it with the warm clothes, and told them so, but they remained convinced that it was all needed. I didn’t mind.

We headed out with our books, called “hello” to our neighbors who were waiting for the school bus, and walked to a nearby lake.

My daughter took up her favorite spot – a chair carved from a stump. She sometimes likes to draw while sitting in this chair, but this day was for reading.

My son clambered down the rocks and found a good spot. I soon joined him on the rocks.

I read to them from our devotion book, then Shakespeare’s Seasons – selections from Shakespeare’s work with lively illustrations showcasing the different seasons. (We had read “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare the previous day. There are really lovely books for children out there.) I then read a chapter from a biography of Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch woman who helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. After my son read a story to me from his children’s Bible, the kids were ready to explore the lakeshore a bit more.

We all enjoyed looking at the various rocks.

My children examined everything from the soil between rocks to the air bubbles forming at the edge of the water.

They got right down to the water’s edge for a closer look at all that captured their interest. Amazingly, and thankfully, everyone stayed dry.

We then walked the short distance to our nearest playground. My kids had a great time. They divided their time between simply playing on the playground equipment, inviting me to join them in a game of tag, and imagining what it would be like to have to hide in a small secret room, leaving no trace behind, like the people in our Corrie ten Boom book.

When they were ready to move on, we walked home and had lunch. We then completed lessons in life science, math, and music. My daughter also had homework from the literature class that she is taking at our weekly co-op.

This a snapshot of a single day in our homeschooling journey. Some days are more focused on book work than this particular day. Some days will be less book work, as we might be out attending a play or visiting a museum. For a beautiful fall day, though, this suited us quite well.


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