My Red Umbrella

A long time ago, as I was about to head off for college, my cousin made the following observation about my soon-to-be home: a cute little college, on a cute little hill, in a cute little town.

That’s about right. In a town of about 9,000 (which was actually a huge increase in population for me, but can reasonably be called a “little town”), I attended a small college that was located on a hill, the high point of the town. As a result, it was often very windy on campus.

It didn’t take long at all for my umbrella to be destroyed. Have you ever fought the wind with an umbrella? If you aren’t careful, the wind can easily flip an umbrella inside out. The umbrella can be righted, but only so many times. When it was too far gone, I headed to the campus bookstore and paid way too much for a new umbrella. (You know how those places are. With a captive clientele, the prices tend to be high. As a freshman, I didn’t have the option of keeping a car on campus, so I was indeed a captive client. I wasn’t about to walk down to town in that torrential rain. 😉 )

That overpriced red umbrella has been with me for the better part of twenty years. Hmm. Maybe it was worth its high price after all.

On another very windy day, with on and off rain showers, my children asked to use my red umbrella. They were playing in the sand with friends, and wanted to protect the “house” they were creating from the rain. My son did his best with that wind, but alas, my red umbrella faced the same demise as its predecessor.

Everytime I used it, I thought of that cute litte college on top of a windy hill. It was a little piece of nostalgia. Good-bye red umbrella. You served me well.


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