After taking three months off after an injury, I am taking tentative steps (literally) back into running.

I referred back to the Couch to 5K training program, which is how I got started in the first place.  I want to take things slowly – easy on the joints – so I started toward the beginning of C25K to suit my current running ability.

My daughter wanted to run a 5K with me this summer.  Though technically not still summer, I have my sights set on a local 5K at the end of September.  I hope this will do.

When planning my training routes, I prefer running a loop over an out-and-back when possible.  It’s a psychological thing.  It feels more fulfilling, less boring.
A conversation with my cousin came back to mind yesterday.  He runs along the edge of a rural highway.  He told me that he switches sides periodically, so his body doesn’t continuously face the same slant.  Although proper pedestrian etiquette calls for sticking to the left side, his method of alternating sides has helped him clear up and avoid further aches and pains.

I need to be more aware of the slant issue on my own runs.  I run on a paved trail, and it is definitely a bit slanted.  If I’m doing loops, I should at least change my direction from one run to the next.

I once read about a marathon that was run on a track.  (Can you imagine?). Apparently, the runners change direction every thirty minutes so the same side isn’t always the outside.

On my loops, I don’t think outside/inside is an issue (we’re talking 4, 6, 12 mile loops – the curve is hardly noticeable), but the slope of the trail can’t be discounted.

I’m just out there to enjoy myself.  I don’t always think about the details that can ultimately help or harm my long-term ability to continue this hobby.  Thanks, cous’, for making me think about one of those details.


2 thoughts on “Slant

  1. I just had a girl’s weekend and one of my friends who I saw just a year ago looked absolutely amazing. She started running and I’m pretty motivated – except that it’s 115 outside.

    • 115 degrees would give me pause. Extreme heat can really be a safety issue. I know I started getting the itch to try running again when it was very hot, and I did wait a bit. Fall is coming – maybe you’ll find some nice days then. 🙂

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