Love this!

They put in this great addition to the water fountain at one of our local parks.


Who hasn’t awkwardly tried to tip a bottle just so to fill it at a water fountain? I love having a better way available at one of our regular haunts. I also like that it has a counter indicating how many disposable water bottles were not needed because of it. Very encouraging.

I’ve been good about bringing water bottles with us since I stopped drinking soda last year. I’m sure this one change has saved our family budget hundreds of dollars (if not more), as well as creating less waste and being a healthier choice.

My daughter informed me today that a plastic water bottle can only be recycled once, because it is recycled into a lower grade plastic. (She is always reading, learning, and sharing.) I used to imagine that bottles and cans could be melted down and reformed over and over again. Knowing that’s not the case, at least for water bottles, will make me even more mindful of packing a water bottle (or three or four) when we head out the door.

I appreciate these small conveniences that will encourage us and others to bring a bottle from home.


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