…by declining the opportunity to define himself, he allows others, less interested, more callous, meaner others, to create definitions for him.”

This is from The Book of Jonas by Stephen Dau. I found the entire book interesting. The above was a line that I wanted to keep forever.

Do you ever feel that way about things you read? I do. There are words that I want to keep long after I’ve set aside the book.

I’m not here to review or discuss this book in its entirety. These words just spoke to me, and I wanted to record them and share them. I do believe that we are always in the process of defining ourselves by our actions, the choices we make. Certainly there are times when others may try to define us, to put us in some box, but I don’t think we should give that over to anyone else. If someone wants to label us, particularly in a way that isn’t true, we ought to stand up and show them who we really are.


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