5 Things About Me

The week six challenge for Bliss Community’s “6 Weeks of Bliss” is to share five things about myself that you may not know. Here goes.

1. Once upon a time, I played trombone, and I sometimes wish I hadn’t stopped learning it. Not enough to go out and buy one. At least not yet.

2. I enjoy a good wood-burning sauna with a touch of eucalyptus oil in the water that we pour onto the hot rocks. Ahhh.

3. I love playing Rock Band with my family.

4. I wore a brace as a toddler to correct my hip dysplasia. To this day, one leg is slightly longer than the other.

5. I will be playing cowbell during a choir piece at church this Sunday. True story.

Now you know a little more about me. Want to tell me a little more about you?


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