Time Crunch Workout

I have been participating in the 6 Weeks of Bliss challenge through Bliss Connect, and this post was written for the week five challenge.  The question this week is, “How do you fit fitness into your crowded schedule?”

It happens that I know all about crowded schedules!  Kids, work, homeschooling – my biggest time commitments – keep my days pretty packed.  I love to run or bike, but I’m unlikely to do either if I don’t have at least 45 minutes.  I also like using workout dvds, but again, I don’t always have enough time to complete one.  I don’t belong to a gym, so whatever I do is typically either at home, outdoors, or at the (free) track.

When I’m pinched for time, and I want to get in a workout, I have been known to do 10 minutes here and there throughout my day.  Even ten minutes can give me a boost!  I will happily do sets of any or all of these moves as I have time during the day:

~ Push-ups

~ Crunches (various: standard, reverse, oblique, bicycle, scissor, etc.)

~ Dips

~ Planks (forward, reverse, side)

~ Squats

~ Lunges

~ Jumping jacks

~ Burpees (though I find this one a little torturous)

And if I’m in my home with my own stuff around:

~ Jump Rope

~ Use resistance band (rows, shoulder presses, etc.)

One of the greatest things about most of these is that I can do them anytime I have a few minutes to spare, say, if we are pausing our homeschool day while someone is in the bathroom or while I have something simmering on the stove.  Why not drop and do some pushups?  Another great thing about these moves is that I can do most of them no matter where I am.  I mean, I won’t be doing crunches in the middle of the supermarket, but I can easily do these kinds of exercises if I am traveling and out of my normal routine.

I feel so much better when exercise is a regular part of my life, so I like to squeeze a little in even when it’s an especially busy day.

What are your go-to exercises when time is tight?


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