My Wellness Wish

I am participating in Bliss Community’s  6 Weeks of Bliss Challenge, and this week’s challenge is to share about health or wellness items on my Christmas wish list.

I do happen to have something on my wish list that fits the bill.  It’s Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core workout DVD.

I am very fortunate in that I have everything I need.  I have a warm home, reliable transportation, clothing to wear, and food on the table. Beyond needs, I also have some plenty of my wants, such as my Garmin running watch, which has been a fantastic tool for one of my favorite hobbies.  Blessed as I am, I hesitate to make a wish list.  But… Bliss asked, and I answered.

Why the Totally Ripped Core, you may ask?  Am I striving for a six pack?  Well, I wouldn’t mind that, but my reason is much more practical.  I have had trouble with my back, and I know that a strong core is my best defense against future problems.  Running is my favorite form of exercise, followed by biking.  If I just followed my natural inclinations, I would never do anything to improve my core strength.

I think building or maintaining a strong core is important for everyone, but absolutely essential for me!  I want to be able to keep doing the things that I need to do, like carry bags of groceries, haul laundry up and down from the basement, vacuum the house, etc.  During the worst of my back pain, running the vacuum was beyond my capabilities for over six weeks.  Sad and unacceptable.  I’m sure my floors felt extremely neglected.  I also want to be able to continue participating in activities that I enjoy, like running, hiking, biking and camping.  It is difficult to keep up an active lifestyle when one can barely get out of bed and move across the room.  I’ll say it again.  Sad and unacceptable.

Working on this important aspect of my health and wellness doesn’ t come naturally.  I can, and do, core strengthening moves on my own, but I find it pretty boring.  I could use some inspiration.  Enter Bob.  I think a new workout DVD especially devoted to core strength is just what the doctor ordered.

I couldn’t write a post about my wellness wishes without pointing out one very important fact.  My biggest wellness wish, which is typically granted me, is the support of my husband to pursue my interest in running.  He has supported me by holding down the home fort while I go out to run, coming out with our kids to cheer when I run a race, and even buying me the aforementioned Garmin watch.  He rocks!  (Thanks, honey!)

So that’s my wellness wish.  What about you?


5 thoughts on “My Wellness Wish

    • Thanks Anna! I’m trying to make this the fall/winter that I don’t fall off the running bandwagon ~ I often slack off for a month or two but not this year! So far, so good. Thanks for mentioning pelvic floor strength. Something I haven’t given a lot of thought but probably should.

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