I love plays, or ‘Our visit to The Children’s Theatre Company’

We had a fun day yesterday. We took a good portion of the day to see a play at The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. It was our first time going to this particular theater, and we all had a great experience. We saw ‘Mercy Watson to the Rescue.’ Any parents familiar with Mercy Watson? She is the porcine wonder protagonist of some cute books by Kate DiCamillo, and my children have enjoyed reading about her for quite some time.

I like to be prepared, so I looked up directions to the theater and determined what time we should leave the house to get there on time. Then, for good measure, I left fifteen minutes early. I hate to be late, and I’ve been known to take a wrong turn or miss a turn now and then, so I thought better safe than sorry. As it turned out, the drive there went completely smoothly, so we were there quite early. I had packed some of our books, so we got a little school work done in the lobby while we waited to be seated. We eventually found out that they seat in order of arrival, so we were the first group seated, front and center. Photography was prohibited, so I can’t show you what we saw, but let’s just say we could see the spit flying from the actors’ mouths as they enunciated. (Kind of gross, but true.) We were in the thick of the action at times. It was fun seeing an old favorite story come to life. An “old favorite” by my children’s standards, not mine. 🙂 Mercy Watson is still new to me. Laura Ingalls, Anne of Green Gables… they would be old favorites for me.

Here are my smiling children in front of the theater.


We ate lunch at the Uptown Diner to finish off our special outing. I had this wonderful veggie burger and sweet potato tator tots.


SO GOOD! I did some serious damage to this, though I couldn’t finish it all. Then we headed home to finish up the remainder of school (we had put in some extra time earlier in the week to make for a lighter Thursday) and pick up our CSA box.

Since it is Friday, we’ll be at our homeschool co-op classes today, which makes the day fly by. I’m thankful to have such a nice group of people to share this journey with. Another item on the agenda this weekend is to see the movie Farmageddon. As you’ve probably already noticed, I am quite interested in farm practices. To see a movie trailer and check locations and dates, follow the link.

I’ll check back in next week to tell you what I thought of it. Has anyone seen it?

Have a great weekend!


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