Pain, Foibles, Gratitude, Beauty…

…you know, life.

I experienced an injury on Friday.  It was not the kind that at least sounds impressive in some way.  I didn’t hurt my knee while achieving a new personal distance running.  I was not stealing a base in a spirited game of kickball.  (Can you steal bases in kickball?  I’m not even sure.)  What was I doing when I hurt my knee?  Reading bedtime stories with my kids.  See, not impressive at all.  It probably sounds impossible, but it turns out that it is in fact possible. 

I was sitting on my daughter’s bed, legs stretched out in front of me.  Under the covers, I should add.  My 53 pound bundle of joy, who is my six year old son, jumped onto the bed to join us.  He landed directly on my kneecap and oh my word.  That hurt.  It brought tears to my eyes, but I could deal.  I read our stories then hobbled up to my own bed.  Bright side, since I couldn’t be mobile without serious pain, I got a lot of reading done.  I figured I’d give it a couple days before doing anything drastic like seeing a doctor.  (Can you tell I don’t love going to the doctor?)

I continued to have pain that night and Saturday.  It seemed that my knee could easily sort of buckle under me while walking, and each time that happened, the pain came back with a vengeance.  I was feeling so disappointed thinking I wouldn’t be able to run, and maybe not even bike for a while.  Things could obviously be worse, but that would be sad for me.

Turns out by Sunday it felt like nothing ever happened.  Yay!  Funny that you can go from feeling like tiny knives are stabbing all around your kneecap one day to feeling completely fine the next.  Funny, but I’m not arguing.  Just very happy and grateful that it was not a lingering issue.

I didn’t get out for a longish run like I usually do on the weekend, but I did go biking with my family yesterday.  It was absolutely gorgeous out.  80 degrees and beautiful fall colors.  Unbeatable way to pass a Sunday afternoon in my book.  🙂

We started out together, but my husband and son wanted to take a shorter ride than my daughter and I did.  We parted ways, and she and I rode to a playground about 3.4 miles from home.  It was great!  Then another foible hit.  M’s chain came off, and without any tools, I couldn’t get at it to fix it.  I called my husband, so the boys came to get us.  My gracious husband even asked if I would prefer to bike home.  Yes, please!  So he took both kids for a little more park time and I biked home.  Once we were all home, we took care of M’s bike chain, so we should be good to go for next time.

Other highlights for me include singing a lovely song with the church choir, cooking with my son, watching my children’s budding acrobatics at gymnastics and reading.

Even when things aren’t going my way, I have so much to be thankful for.  Wishing you a day of many blessings and no foibles!  Happy Monday!


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