Don’t Wish Your Life Away

My mom always told me, and her father always told her, “Don’t wish your life away.”

I can’t wait ’til Friday!

I can’t wait ’til spring!

I can’t wait ’til (fill in the blank)!

Don’t we often find ourselves thinking these kinds of thoughts? I know I do, especially around January or February, when winter is getting really old. Or during a particularly busy week, I might be longing for Friday to hurry up and arrive. Or even when my children are in the middle of a difficult phase (I can’t wait ’til she starts sleeping through the night, for example). When I was younger, I often yearned for school breaks to come quickly, and it seemed like I would be in school forever.

I’m hear to tell you, even when the days go slowly, the years pass by so quickly. I am far removed from the schoolgirl I once was, and now I measure the years rushing by in the changes I see in my children.

It’s true, my daughter was almost a year old before she slept through the night, and I longed for us all to get better rest at night. You know what though? She’s eight now, and I don’t know how my baby girl slipped away so fast. She’s growing more independent all the time. That’s a good thing. And she’s a great kid. But I can’t help but miss the littler girl she used to be.

My son is six, and he LOVES to spend time with me. Whereas his big sister enjoys having some time on her own, he would rather play with someone, and that someone is often me. How lucky am I? Sometimes, though, I have other responsibilities and can’t play right then. Go figure. Sometimes I catch myself wishing for the time when he learns to be a little more independent. Be careful what you wish for. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m asking, ‘Where did my little boy go?’

Maybe I’m finally old enough to think like my mother and my grandfather. Now I’ll pass their advice on to you. Don’t wish your life away. The time will pass more quickly than you think. Cherish the good in each season of your life, for soon that season will give way to the next.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Wish Your Life Away

    • Not that it’s bad to anticpate things, but it’s so easy to lose sight of the present when we spend to much time looking forward (or looking back for that matter).

  1. I’ve figured out that if the wish was granted every time (“I wish it was Friday,” etc), I would miss out on important lessons.
    There’s a story from The Book of Virtues (cartoon I used to love watching) about a boy who receives a magical ball of string that he can pull to fast forward through life. In the end, he’s fast-forwarded so many times that he misses out on important details of his life and he regrets it. …And then he wakes up to realize it was a dream, but the lesson still stands.

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