Working on the new normal

Whew! I’m waiting for this new normal to feel normal. We’re finishing up our second week of school, along with adding in our other activities bit by bit, and I am one tired woman. There are two kinds of busy, I think. One kind, the kind we experience in the summer, involves having somewhere we have to go everyday, but we often have a good chunk of free time on any given day. The kind of busy that we have now, our school schedule, doesn’t always require us to leave home, but keeps us occupied for a greater portion of the day (like, all of it). I realized that I seem to feel busier with each season of transition, and I had to stop and think how that could be. Either summer is busier or the school-year is busier, right? That’s when I realized they are just different types of busy. Apparenty I need to adjust to each type every year. I feel a little better just realizing that.

This has been a fun week. In addition to the routine school work that my kids have, we went on a field trip to an apple orchard. We all love going to the orchard! We make at least one trip each fall, usually a few trips. This was a new apple orchard to us, and it was so fantastic for kids! They had goats, cows, pigs, and chickens. We were able to hold baby goats and chicks, and my children were delighted to do so for quite a long time. We also went on a wagon-ride tour of the farm. That was fun too. We went home with a bag of Sweetango apples. Delicious!

This Friday also marks our first day back to our Cottage Classes. It’s exciting to be taking on new classes with other homeschooling families to supplement what we are doing at home.

I got out for an evening with some girl friends on Tuesday. Some of my book club friends and I saw The Help. It was one of our book club books last year, and we were interested in seeing the movie. I’ve mentioned before that I almost always prefer the book, but this movie did not disappoint. I thought it was well done. If you haven’t read or seen The Help, I recommend it. The discrimination portrayed in the story will probably anger you (at least it did me), but the courage displayed by the main characters will also inspire you. Good good story.

As a new gardener this year, we had a brand new gardening experience this week. A frost advisory sent us wandering through the darkness attempting to cover over as many plants as we could with tarps. They seem to have survived the cold so far. We have several watermelons still in the works and a lot of tomatoes. I hope they grow quickly! We will need to bring them in soon!

This week’s CSA box included: red and yellow onions, Italian garlic, watermelon, canteloupe, tomatoes, sweet peppers, purple Viking potatoes, baby bok choi, mini red lettuce, baby red beets, green top radishes, chard, and raspberries.

We got a pretty big bag of baby beets. Until the CSA, I didn’t EVER cook beets. I’m not exactly a fan. My husband likes them, and I’ve learned to appreciate them a little bit, but I am still not excited about them. If you have some good beet recipes, please send them my way!!! Maybe I’ll even become a beet fan if I learn to make something phenominal with them. 🙂

So I must ask, of course, what do you do with beets? What are you doing to enjoy autumn so far?

Have a fantastic weekend!!


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