True Love Plus Twelve

Do you know what’s a great event for married couples to attend? Weddings! We went to my cousin-in-law’s wedding last weekend, and it was just beautiful! It was held at a park, and the weather was perfect. The ceremony was so nice, and it reminded me of the promises I made to my husband all those years ago. Twelve years later we are a family of four. We’ve multiplied the love we shared back then. It’s amazing and wonderful how love can grow. 🙂

Before we headed out of town for the wedding, I ran six miles. My daughter asked me why I would run that far, and I told her it’s because I like to. (Of course!) I ran 4.25 yesterday. Slowly but surely I’m building my mileage back up. There has been a little chill to the air for some of my more recent runs. It was a little tough on the lungs, kind of a biting feeling, but the cool air feels marvelous to the rest of me! I keep telling myself that this will be the year that I keep running through the winter. I usually fall off for a few months and start back at it in December or January. I talked about this with one of my sisters-in-law over the weekend, and now I’m telling you. I better stick with it, or I’ll have to confess later on if I do drift away from it this fall.

So, you may recall that I stopped drinking soda when I was doing that Tony Horton cleanse last March/April. I’m still not drinking it – five months without my old addiction!! I’m so happy about that! On Sunday, my family stopped at this store that we’ve passed countless times. It sells apples, but its sign also boasted of its many varieties of licorice and root beer. With 81 varieties of root beer at hand, I did think about trying one. In the end, I decided not to. I don’t need it, and it’s easier for me to avoid soda altogether than it is to keep it to a minimum. I did try a root beer flavored licorice. Eh. Not great. I told my husband that it had been fun to check this place out but that I feel no need to go back. We have other apple orchards that we like to visit that are nearer to home.

Although I’m not planning to officially begin the school year for my children until next Tuesday (the day that our local schools will start), my children talked me into “letting” them do some school work yesterday. I just love how kids love to learn! My hope for them is that they will continue to enjoy learning throughout their lives!

I hope you all had a nice weekend too, and are off to a good start this week!


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