A Subtle Change in the Air

I can’t help but notice a little change. It’s nothing drastic. It’s still plenty warm out. School hasn’t started quite yet, but still… Things feel subtly different. While at a playground with my children mid-afternoon the other day, something in the way the light touched the trees, the grass, even the way it painted my skin was different. There seemed to be a glow about all these ordinary objects that I see everyday. I basked in that sunlight, feeling grateful for a beautiful day and the opportunity to enjoy some time at the park with my children. It dawned on me that the slight glow to the sunglight, the way it touched everything in a slightly different way, was a sign of autumn.


Of course I am aware that the summer is drawing to a close. How could I not know? Before last week’s vacation, I was devoting a lot of my time to preparing for the upcoming school year. My eyes have seen the date on the calendar, and I have done most of the things that needed to be done before summer’s end. I know.

Somehow, though, I haven’t felt it.

That day at the playground, my senses detected the evidence of the changing seasons. I finally felt what I knew was coming.

As soon as I get that feeling, I begin to look forward to some of our favorite autumn things, all the while trying to get the most out of these last days of summer. Being outside becomes a greater priority. (We have to enjoy this warmth while it lasts.) Trips to the park feel more necessary. (Soon we will be busy with schoolwork.) Quiet reflection, preferably in a sunny location, feels all the more wonderful. (Soon our schedules will be tighter, allowing fewer moments of pure relaxation.)

Our CSA box this week reflected the time of year as well. We are currently in the season of bursting boxes of produce, most of which is very familiar.

This week’s box contained: watermelon, butterscotch melon, mini musk melon, red potatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, Italian garlic, sweet Spanish onions, arugula, edamame, sweet corn, variety tomatoes, red grape tomatoes, roaster peppers, and orange/red Ukraine peppers.

I plan to spend the weekend working in the yard, pulling out some favorite recipes and perhaps trying something new as I cook with all that wonderful produce. I hope to get out for a long run and play outside with my kids. My intention is to make the most of these late summer days in my work and play.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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