How Does Your Garden Grow?

You may recall that we decided to give gardening a try this year. This, in addition to our CSA, had the potential to provide a great abundance of produce. I really wasn’t concerned about an overabundance because 1) We could share and/or preserve any excess, and 2) We aren’t experienced gardeners – who knows if we’ll get anything from our garden?

The reality? We have enjoyed modest amounts of food from our garden. We got to enjoy our radish plants at three stages. When they were quite young, we thinned the plants and ate the greens that we had picked.

Of course, we ate the radishes as they ripened.

Finally, for the radish plants that didn’t produce good radishes, we let them go to seed and ate the seed pods. We’re still in that last phase. Radish seed pods were a new one on us. Thanks to our CSA, we learned that we can harvest and eat them.

We got a small pea harvest. Nothing to brag about, but I enjoyed eating ‘our’ peas.

The watermelon are still a mystery. We’ve had many blossoms, and we’ve seen some teeny tiny baby watermelons. It doesn’t appear that they are developing, though, and I don’t know why.

Of all the corn we planted, we had only six plants come up. We just harvested four ears of corn the other day (for the four of us) and had them with our dinner. They didn’t develop very well either, with lots of bald patches.

I had just been reading about how the pollen from the tassel at the top of the plant needs to touch each of the ‘silks’ protruding from the husk to cause each kernel of corn to develop. Since our corn came up so sparsely, with one stalk here and another there, I wonder if they might have been better pollinated if the plants had been closer together. I don’t know.

And our tomatoes? We left for our vacation with three little green tomatoes beginning to grow and some additional blossoms. I feared they wouldn’t survive our absence. They are in pots on the deck, so they need regular water. In fact, the tomato plants were VERY dry and rather shriveled when we returned. Those three tomatoes had grown a bit, and with water, the plants have perked up quite a bit. I’m still hopeful for tomatoes in our future, though maybe only three.

Our herbs have done fine. I’ve used a lot of basil, a little dill and rosemary here and there, and some mint on occasion. The basil grows back very well after I’ve taken some, and the mint is out of control!

As you can see, our food production was meager. (If only I could live on mint…) I have still enjoyed the garden and the experience of growing even a little bit of our food. I can see that we have a lot to learn if we ever want to produce a significant amount of our own food. Thankfully for us, we also have a box of vegetables from our CSA each week. We haven’t lacked vegetables at all. It’s not as exciting as growing it ourselves, but it’s pretty close. I do love ‘our farm.’ 🙂

Do you garden? How does your garden grow? Pointers very much welcome!!


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