Home Sweet Work

Greetings! I hope you’ve been well this last week or so. 🙂 I feel like I’ve been all over creation, though it was only a short airplane ride away. It started in Richmond, VA, and from there, we drove around the area quite a lot. We attended my husband’s family reunion at his aunt & uncle’s beautiful home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was so nice visiting with people that we don’t see often. The setting was a bonus. Just beautiful! And, we had the opportunity for a hike up the mountain, which was challenging and fun. We also drove to Salisbury, NC for a day and met some nice people (family of family, I suppose you’d say). We originally intended to do the whole Washington D.C. thing, but we were looking at a map of Virginia and realized there were other interesting options nearer to Richmond, where we’d eventually be flying out from. We had a family meeting and chose several places to visit during the remainder of our visit. My husband deserves a medal for all the driving he did! We spent a day at Mount Vernon, home of my children’s favorite President. We had read about both George and Martha Washington in school last year, so seeing their home was like bringing our history lesson to life. It was great! 🙂

We then headed to Chincoteague Island. We hiked and saw the wild ponies. We also spent an afternoon at the beach. Being Minnesotans, a day at the ocean is very special. That was the highlight for my son. He loved waiting for the waves to come in (and sometimes knock him down). From there, we headed to the Williamsburg area. We spent a day at Colonial Williamsburg. Talk about bringing history to life! With costumed workers reenacting historical events in a city that has been preserved as if it were the 1770s, it was like watching a play that we could walk around in and interact with. Very interesting. We also visited Jamestown and Yorktown. My daughter was quite interested in seeing where the real Pocahontas had lived. She read about Pocahontas in school, and no surprise, she is also familiar with Walt Disney’s version.

I have to admit, delving into American history left me feeling melancholy. I can’t say I enjoy thinking about my ancestors conquering the natives to take over the “new world.” At the same time, I like where I live and am glad I was born here. See my dilemma? It was also a little disheartening listening to the ‘founding fathers’ talk of the liberty they had won and how we should never let it slip away. With crushing debt, I could hardly say that we’re free. What do they call debt, golden shackles? I think I’ve heard that, and I think it’s a reasonable assessment.

But, shaking the melancholy, I also found it all very interesting, and we saw some very beautiful places along the way.

You know me and food, I can’t not mention the food highlight of the trip. We ate dinner at a place called Bonefish Grill. We had read good reviews and had high hopes for a great dinner. It was indeed good. We shared a spicy shrimp appetizer called ‘Bang Bang Shrimp.’ Yum! For my dinner, I had rainbow trout with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Yum again. And I can’t forget to mention the drink I had – truly inspired – it had muddled cucumber and mint. I had never thought to use cucumber in a cocktail, but I know that I like the cucumber mint combo, and it was as good in a drink as it is in a salad.

And now we’re home. I’ve jumped into laundry and lawn mowing, chopping and cooking, sweeping and scrubbing, and my part-time job. Ah, my glamorous life. 😉 I wouldn’t trade it. I feel like one lucky mama, being able to spend my days home with my kids, and having grass to cut, a home to clean, food to prepare, clothes to launder, etc. It’s good to be home.

I’ll share just a couple pictures from our adventure. These represent my children’s favorite places to visit (aside from the family reunion itself).

Mount Vernon

Chincoteague Island

For fun, if you could go back in time to see history come alive, when/where would you like to go?


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