So far, August has been…

BUSY!  And good. 

I’ve had a busy work week.  I’ve prepared a lot for the coming school year.  I’ve done four 30 minute runs this week, and my push-ups and crunches each day.  So far, so good.

At the moment, I’m at the airport about to fly to Richmond, VA.  We’re going to a family reunion and then doing some sight-seeing around the Washington D. C. area.

Getting ready to go has been hectic, but now that we are here at the airport, I feel ready to relax and enjoy myself.  I got things covered for work, and I found a home for our CSA share for the week.  I only hope we get some rain to sustain my tiny tomatoes.  I’m so excited to eat them someday!  I’d be very disappointed if they didn’t survive our time away.

I’m so excited to see some amazing places and things with my kids.  It’s so fun seeing the world through their eyes.  Honestly, I would miss a lot without them.  They notice so many little things and find beauty everywhere.

I’m off to have a little dinner then fly out. I’m not sure if I’ll get online or not, so have a great week!


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