Catching Up

Hello and happy Tuesday to you! I feel I have some catching up to do. First off, we had a very nice weekend in Duluth. The Nancy English Memorial 5K had over 400 participants, which is pretty great. I think the scholarship program is a good cause, and I’m really glad they had such a successful event!

Personally, it wasn’t my best ever 5k. I wasn’t surprised. I haven’t been giving my all to running lately, to put it nicely. I have still been running about 30 minutes two or three times per week, but since I haven’t been feeling very well (allergies), I haven’t been pushing hard or putting in much mileage. Last year when allergies hit, I nearly abandoned exercise until the first hard frost, so it’s an improvement over last year that I’ve kept up a modest exercise schedule. For a while, as you may know, I had been setting specific exercise goals each month, then when summer came, I decided to be more casual about it. I tend to get more activity in my daily routine in the summer, so I thought I might not need the structure of a specific goal. That’s all well and good, but I realized that without structure, I do not get much strength work. I can honestly feel the change in my body, not in a good way. Without doing purposeful core work, I noticed my back beginning to get more and more sore. I have a tendency for back problems, so core strength is very important for me. (If anyone thinks exercise is all about being ‘skinny’ or all for looks, they are wrong!) So, for the month of July, I decided I better set myself some goals again, and I did push-ups and crunches each day, and as I said, I kept up a minimal running schedule. It’s a step in the right direction.

As I was running the 5k, and thinking to myself that this was kind of a slow one for me, I also couldn’t help but remember that I couldn’t run a 5k at all three years ago. I’m glad that I decided to try the Couch to 5K. It has led to a very positive change in my life. Even in a relative running slump, it gets me moving more than I had been before.

As I sit here typing this morning, the sky is gray and it’s pouring down rain. I hope that the weather turns around. We are supposed to have a neighborhood party this evening for ‘Night to Unite’ (formerly called ‘National Night Out’). Do you participate in this event? We have been gathering with neighbors for the last three years or so to share dinner and drinks, and get to know each other. I think knowing one’s neighbors is a very good thing. When you know each other, you sort of watch out for each other. You have someone to call if you need to borrow a cup of sugar or a wheelbarrow or something. You have someone to share with if your garden produces an abundance of something. (We have not had that nice problem so far…) I think it’s too easy not to know your neighbors these days. I regret that it took me years to get to know our neighbors here, but I enjoy the sense of community that I feel now.

How about you? Will you be out at a ‘Night to Unite’ gathering tonight?

And for exercise, are you with me? Is it about appearance or is it far more than that?

With my fingers crossed for sunshine, I say good-bye and wish you a great day! 🙂


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