My gift this week and what I’ve learned

I had the opportunity to spend one to one time with my son every morning this week while my daughter was at track and field camp. Most often, the three of us spend our days together. That’s great. In fact I feel so very lucky to be able to spend my days with my kiddos, but spending one to one time with either child is less common. When it happens, it feels so special.

It has been a busy week – being out of the house until at least lunchtime everyday, and until 2:30 on my son’s golf lesson days. We get home and I rush to accomplish whatever work needs to be done that day, be it for my employment, laundry, lawn work, grocery shopping, etc. I really prefer to do all that stuff during the day, if I can, so that the evening can be family time.

Guess what got squeezed out of my days this week (or maybe I should be brutally honest and say what I allowed to be squeezed out). It was running. As far as my workouts, I’ve only been doing some push ups and crunches each day, but no running or other formal workouts. On the other hand, I feel as though my son has run me ragged, so maybe I got better workouts than ever!

So, what have I learned?

1) It is great fun to play at the park with my son all morning. Okay, this one might be pretty obvious. 😉

2) My little boy seemed to bask in my undivided attention like a cat in a sunny patch – I should try harder to plan these one to one opportunities with both children.

3) Children have a great deal of strength! It took me by surprise how much I would feel it when we were playing on the playground. Sometimes we’d be climbing something or doing monkey bars, and I would really feel it in my abs. Who knew? By the way, monkey bars kick my butt!

4) When playing a game of baseball with only two people, you better hit a home run every time.

5) Playing tag just might count for speed work. I ran harder playing tag and playing baseball with my son than I ever do when I go out for a run.

And just because I love to share our CSA boxes with you, here’s what we got this week:


Red potatoes, sweet Spanish onion, garlic, carrots, amaranth, broccoli, summer squash, cucumbers, fennel, beets, sweet corn, pineapple, Ranier cherries, Hass avocados, grapes, and pluots. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that we got only three ears of corn, but we got six avocados. Somehow that doesn’t seem right. However, I do see some guacamole in my future, and of course I like that!

We’ll be heading up to Duluth tonight for the Nancy English Memorial 5K and some ‘up north’ fun. It’s a beautiful area in and around Duluth.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! Do you have any fun plans?


2 thoughts on “My gift this week and what I’ve learned

  1. It always feels so special to me too when I actually get time alone with one of the kids. It’s so rare! Makenzie and I have actually started having library dates just us and then when she starts school I will have some time with just B. It will be nice. 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend and fun with the 5K!!

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