CSA 2011 Week 12

I’m all stocked up on veggies again after yesterday’s CSA pickup.  Here are the goods:


Cauliflower, summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, rainbow chard, sweet Spanish onions, garlic, green and yellow beans, baby arugula, red new potatoes, and Egyptian spinach.

In the newsletter, the farmers told about the garlic harvest celebratory dinner they attended in Madison, WI.  Garlic was featured in every course, including dessert!  I do love garlic, but I’ve never used it in dessert.  Something to consider, maybe.  🙂

This week has seen the end of my son’s baseball season, and today will be the last day of my daughter’s session of swimming lessons.  They both had the opportunity to learn so much this summer in their chosen sports.  I’m proud of them and glad for them.  It has been fun!

They’ve also both finished their summer reading programs, my daughter as of last night.  I’m starting to make plans for the coming school year.  It’s still July, but it feels like summer is winding down. 

Dear August,
When you get here, please take your time.  I enjoy your company very much and look forward to a nice, long visit.

On the docket for today is swimming, a lunch date with some of our neighbors, and a dinner date with some friends.  I plan to bring some vegilicious foods to share, with farm fresh ingredient, of course.

Beyond that, there is yard work begging for my attention this weekend.  I am nervous, though.  I fear my allergies symptoms will come back with a vengeance if I do yard work, and I’m finally feeling fairly normal, thanks to a few days of Claritin and quality time indoors (sad for an ‘outdoorsy’ girl, but I think it has helped).  Sadly, the work isn’t doing itself.  Wish me luck!

What do you have planned for the weekend?


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