Lazy Days of Summer and CSA 2011 Week 10

Maybe you’ve noticed it too. There is always work to be done. There are always weeds to be pulled. Always more cleaning that could be done. Grocery shopping to do. Etc. Etc. Etc. What do you think? Should we work until we feel all the work is done, or should we set the to-do list aside for a while and spend time on other things? We had two lazy afternoons this week. I had had productive mornings in both cases, but the work was not all done.

My children heard the signal – yes, the neighborhood children signal each other when they are outside to play. So cute. 🙂 While I could have said we couldn’t join the other families and kept working, I decided to seize the beautiful days that we had. My children played with friends all afternoon. I enjoyed adult conversation with our neighbors.

It’s all a balancing act. If we stay holed up all the time, and I get everything perfectly clean and organized (it could happen, right?), would we happier? How about if I spend some time everyday getting things done and take some time just to play with my kids or visit with friends, even if there’s still more work to be done? The second scenario appeals more to me. Honestly, will all the work ever be done? These kinds of days don’t happen all the time, and I rarely regret them when they do.

Am I just trying to justify our lazy afternoons to myself? Perhaps. But I do think it’s fairly common for people to get so caught up in their work that they struggle with balance. I think balance is important. Taking time for things we enjoy can be so refreshing, and I think it can help us avoid burning out or resenting the work we do. If we can feel balanced in our lives and approach our work with a joyful heart, isn’t that a great thing? Isn’t it also nice to get to know the people in our neighborhoods and build that sense of community? I tend to think so.

Yesterday was CSA pick-up, so I will share this week’s bounty. Here’s what we got:


Carrots, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, green Boston lettuce, fennel, broccoli, sweetheart cabbage, radish seed pods, arugula, garlic, chite cipollini onions, ramp cheddar, monterey jack, and labneh. Two of these items are new to me.

Radish seed pods:

and Labneh, a sheep yogurt cheese:

I’ll have to let you know what we think of those.

Have you ever heard of yogurt cheese? I hadn’t. We shall see…

And now I’m off to make pancakes and get started on some yard work that I’ve put off for the last two days. Happy Friday!


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