City of Lakes

That’s a nickname for Minneapolis, and it is pretty accurate.  Growing up in the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes,’ I was happy to find that there are still a lot of lakes in ‘the cities’ when I moved here.  I used to think it would be awful to live here due to traffic, crowding, crime… and I think I still have plenty of family members who think I’m crazy, but I like where I live. It turned out that a big city can be a lot nicer than a small town girl might have imagined. Even in the city, there are beautiful parks and lakes. It’s not the big scary place that I pictured, but it is true that there is a lot more traffic than I was used to.

Before kids, I used to come walk at Lake Calhoun fairly often after work.  (This was also before running.)   It’s a great place to walk and chat with a friend.  I don’t get there as often now, but I will go once in a while.  Last summer I brought my kids and their bikes.  I was thrilled to find they could bike all the way around the lake.  Last week, we tried it with in-line skates.  We brought a picnic lunch, skated a bit, and stopped off at a playground.  I should say they skated, and I walked.  It was a haul getting two kids on wheels and all our stuff from the car to the park, but it was just lovely when we got there.

Here are a few pictures from our most recent excursion in the City of Lakes. I’m still using my phone, so please forgive the grainy pics. You get the idea. 🙂





Places like this surely contribute to Minneapolis being named #1 Fit City by Shape Magazine. There are so many great trails for running, biking and cross-country skiing.  Fun stuff. 

Remember The Green Hour?  I still think outside time is good for kids and adults alike.  It is so easy to do when the weather is so great and there are so many places to explore (from the many parks in the area to our own backyard).

What do you enjoy about your community?


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