Let the Holiday Begin!

Okay, I know it’s not quite the weekend, but we sort of started our holiday. Last night was our community’s 4th of July celebration. (It seems that the various cities stagger their events. Ours is always the Wednesday before the 4th.) It is a really fun summer tradition that we’ve attended most years since moving here.

It starts with an outdoor concert. Around the grounds you will find food vendors and games. My trick to eat a good dinner with all that fried food for sale – pack a picnic. We had sandwiches made with Arnold’s Sandwich Thins, Applegate Farms organic meat and cheese, pickles and CSA greens. We also brought grapes and water. We did buy ice cream from Stone Cold Creamery while we were there.

You may come upon a mounted police officer, and you know that’s a thrill for my daughter. She loves any chance to pet a horse. There are firefighters there, ready to show their trucks to any curious children, and to fit kids for discounted bike helmets. We have purchased helmets for both our children from the fire department.

The concert ends with a performance by the Minnesota Orchestra. Did I mention this event is free? How can you beat seeing the Minnesota Orchestra for free? We were rather far from the stage, but the sound was great!

There was also a fire dancing performance this year, which mesmerized my children. The night always ends with fireworks. It’s a great summer tradition!

Do you have a big community 4th of July celebration? What do you like to do to observe the holiday?


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