Hit the ground running…

…or walking, or biking, and you know what I find?

I see a lot of things I would have missed if I only traveled by car. I should say I sense a lot of things I would have missed. I have been glad on so many occasions that I was able to notice and enjoy a variety of things. I often finish a run marveling at the natural world. Sometimes it’s something man-made that catches my eye (or ear, or nose, as the case may be).

Some things I enjoy seeing: deer, foxes, rabbits, birds, flowers, people, dogs, lakes, sail boats, sunsets, stars, and fireflies.

Some things I enjoy hearing: birds, especially loons, a friendly hello from a fellow pedestrian, and a train.

Some things I enjoy smelling: flowers, food that people are grilling, and fresh mown grass.

I enjoy feeling the rhythm of my steps and breathing, and a refreshing breeze. Sometimes I even enjoy the feeling of light rain.

From a car, I would likely miss all or most of these things.

What do you enjoy about slowing down for a walk, run, or bike ride?


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