That’s a good word to describe how I’ve felt for the last few weeks – wackadoodle. They say routine is good for children. Well, I’d argue that it can be good for adults too.

As I’ve mentioned, we finished our regular homeschool book work near the end of May. Although we continued with a volcano unit for fun, then the standardized testing, we had ended our normal school year routine. Now with all of it done for the year, we are really out of routine. Without a set agenda, everything feels ‘wackadoodle.’

It doesn’t help that I’m still without my computer. I’ve managed to do most of what I need to do either by using my phone or by using another computer when possible. For example, I went to the office and did a little computer work for my part-time job, work that I typically would have done at home. For my Ragnar post, I copied pics from friends’ facebook pages, because I still can’t load pictures up from my camera. I might acquaint myself with the computers at the public library. My husband has tried replacing another part in the computer, and that still didn’t do the trick. I appreciate his efforts. I like saving a buck. I don’t know when/if we might have to throw in the towel and declare that computer a goner. At any rate, this computer situation has also thrown me for a loop.

One other factor is my busy schedule and absence as of late. Last week before Ragnar, I was fairly busy with my job and with meetings away from home. I was gone for Ragnar for four days, then returned to a busy day of work and housework on Monday and meetings away from home on Monday and Tuesday evenings. I wasn’t home to cook dinner from Thursday through Monday. That was five days of potential CSA-using meals lost! We pick up our CSA box on Thursday, so I was left with only Tuesday and Wednesday nights to try to use up the whole box. As you can imagine, Tuesday and Wednesday saw some very veggie-heavy dinners. 🙂

The point of all this? Oh, I don’t know. Just sharing. I share with you when I’ve tried a new recipe or when I’ve met some sort of goal. Now I’m sharing with you that I need to get myself and my family into a new routine, a summer routine. It will be good for my productivity, efficiency and sanity. It will allow me to carve out more fun time for my kids. This wackadoodle has got to go!

Do you ever struggle with a change of routine or lack of routine? I’ll gladly accept any and all words of wisdom!


2 thoughts on “Wackadoodle

  1. I do not handle routine changes very well, so I definitely understand the feeling of “wackadoodle” Typically, when things get thrown off kilter and schedules get tossed out the window (like when I switched jobs, or when the kids are out of school) I take an hour or two to sit down and figure out what we have to do, and what I would *like* to do. I cannot go more than a day or two without a plan! Good luck figuring out your new routine for summer!

    • Thank you. I sometimes think I’m better at time management when I am busier. Taking school out leaves a hole and makes me feel like I have all the time in the world and become too relaxed. Trying to find a balance – a somewhat more relaxed schedule for the kids’ summer vacation without going *too* relaxed. Good for you for being so proactive and organized!

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