Happy Father’s Day

I hope all the dads out there had a happy Father’s Day.  I didn’t see my own dad, but it has only been about two weeks since I last saw him.  That’s pretty good when we don’t live close.

The father who has the biggest role in my life at this time is the father of my children.  I am so thankful to be sharing this adventure of parenthood with my husband!  Our kids adore him, and I feel supported as the stay-at-home parent, so I think he’s doing a bang-up job as a dad.

He has taken all the responsibility in stride as we went from DINCs (double income no children) to a family of four over the years. When I told him mid-pregnancy that I didn’t want to go back to full-time work when the baby was born after all, he was nothing but supportive.

He used to kid me that he wasn’t going to change any diapers. At least I hope he was kidding. In the end, because I had to have a c-section, I relied on his help more than I expected to. It has crossed my mind that an unwelcome complication gave father and daughter more opportunity to bond than they might have had. My dear husband got to dive right into fatherhood, staying with our tiny girl while I was still in surgery.

When our son was born, my husband split his time between the hospital and home, making sure to spend time with both children (and me).

My husband has answered to the name ‘dad’ for 8 years. I don’t know how to sum up everything he does for our kids and for me, but I am grateful. And I’m glad we are on this journey together. There’s nothing quite like it!

This weekend being Father’s Day, it was my husband’s call how to spend it. We had talked about going camping, but the forecast looked stormy. We decided against it. We ended up watching a nephew’s baseball tournament, which spanned parts of Friday through Sunday. We always enjoy it when we can make it to a game. It was pretty nice out most of the weekend, but it rained enough that 1) I was glad we weren’t camping and 2) I didn’t feel like I should be home doing yard work.

After the tournament was over, we went out for dinner with my hubby’s parents. It was a nice weekend. I think family and baseball are the perfect combo for a special occasion for my husband, so it was a perfect way for us to celebrate Father’s Day. 🙂

How did you celebrate?


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