The Things We Do

Every one of us has a certain role, or more likely, many roles.  Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of little details that must be planned for in your absence?

As I get ready to head out for the next four days, I am not only packing my bag and gathering supplies for our relay team.  I’m also packing for my kids to spend a day at a friend’s house, getting my son’s baseball stuff ready, writing directions to the CSA pick-up site for my husband, and a variety of other little things.  You see, these are some of the things I do.  It got me thinking.

The things we do aren’t necessarily difficult or complicated – they might be, but not necessarily.  Regardless, the things we do all contribute to the fabric of our family, workplace and/or community.

If you ever feel like some of the things you do are insignificant, remember that even the smallest of tasks contributes to a bigger picture.  The things we do matter.

Now let’s go and give it our best effort, whatever it is that we’re doing today!


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