Using up my CSA Box

Well, in the days since picking up my last box, I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of fresh and local items in my food and drink.

I made the vegetable papillotes that I already shared with you. I’ve cooked up greens and eaten them in a tortilla with hummus for a quick lunch wrap. I’ve cooked yukina savoy with some Egyptian walking onions and seasoned with ginger and cayenne. That was quite tasty served on a bed of brown rice. We’ve had lovely salads with dinner each day. It’s Tuesday, and all I have left of last week’s box is spinach, one onion, and one green garlic (for perspective, they are both the size of a scallion, so it’s not much). I won’t have trouble using the rest by Thursday. I’ve already decided that I probably eat more spinach than Popeye (though I don’t get it canned).


Last night, I tried out a new use for rhubarb. I made strawberry rhubarb daiquiries. They were quite tasty. I didn’t measure the fruit carefully, so I can only tell you approximates, but here goes.

Strawberry Rhubarb Daiquiries

* Chop about 3 cups of rhubarb.
* Heat on stovetop with 3/4 cup granulated sugar.
* Bring to a boil, cover and cook for 8 minutes.
* Stem and slice about 2 cups of strawberry.
* Add to pan and continue heating for two to three more minutes.
* Allow mixture to cool.
* Put one cup of strawberry rhubarb mixture, one cup of rum and the juice of one lime into blender. Add ice to blend to desired consistency.
* Enjoy!

After complaining about running at 80 degree temps on Sunday, we hit a high of 97 on Monday. I suppose I deserved that. I better quit complaining. 😉 It was the perfect evening to enjoy a frozen drink, though, after a productive day of work, housework, and yard work.

I had saved some of the strawberry rhubarb mixture, and it made a delicious topping for our waffles this morning. Yum!

Was it hot where you live yesterday? How did you cool off?


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