Beautiful June Day


The first day of June was just beautiful.  It was like God said, “Oh, June already?  Well let’s have sunshine and a nice warm temperature.”  It had been SO windy on Tuesday.  Wednesday felt much better. 

I had to tend to our fledgling garden with water and a little weeding.  If, and this is a big if, all our tomato plants make it, we will have tomatoes coming out our ears!  I am excited to give the garden thing a try!

After a productive morning and early afternoon, my kids and I headed to the park.  (Work, yard work, laundry, a test for my daughter…) My young at heart self had fun sliding, climbing, swinging and see-sawing with my children.  We also walked to the lake and looked for pretty rocks.  Nearly tripped over a pair of mallards on our walk!

We had a summery dinner of grilled pork cutlets, brussel sprouts, watermelon, and a lovely salad of spring greens, spinach, strawberries and almond slices.  There’s so much more good produce available now.  Finally!

We’ve just recently purchased roller blades for our kids.  After dinner, I took them out for a little skating session, which ended up as a long skating and playing session with many of the neighborhood kids.  Have I mentioned how happy I am that spring (and now unofficially, summer) is here?  It makes for a pleasant evening, chatting with neighborhood friends while the kids have a ball playing together.
For the lady without a plan, I think June 1st went okay.  3 mile run, 30 minute walk, playing at the park and working outside.  My couch didn’t see me until after 9 pm.  🙂

How are you liking June so far?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful June Day

    • I agree. My abs must have been so strong from all the pull overs I did purely for fun. Now ab work has become a chore.

      I do feel just like a kid when I ride my bike. 🙂

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