Freedom is not Free

Growing up, part of Memorial Day weekend was always a visit to the cemetery. We would put flowers on the graves of loved ones. I know the holiday is meant to recognize fallen servicemen and servicewomen, but we would also include our deceased loved ones in our remembrances on the holiday. Now that I don’t live in my hometown, I don’t always make it. In fact, it has been several years, but I would like to go again someday. My parents are attending a service today that will name all the veterans buried in our hometown cemetery (including some of my deceased relatives).

I actually had a summer job working for our city when I was a teenager. One of the tasks was mowing the grass at the cemetery. I was very moved by one particular gravesite. It was decorated with a veteran’s star and a teddy bear. It just reinforced to me that some of the soldiers defending our freedoms were barely more than kids.

I won’t be making it to the service with my parents today, but I will take a moment to appreciate the men and women who have served my country with the noble intention of protecting its freedom.

I will leave you with lyrics from a song that I find very touching, and are particularly fitting for today’s holiday.


Standing on a hillside
Where the river meets the sea
White crosses without number
Line the fields of peace


And each one a silent witness
Staring back at me
Every cross a story
Of another place in time
Where young men thought it worthy
To give their life for mine
And for the sake of honor
Left their dreams behind


And for the price they paid
I’m forever in their debt
Their memory will not die
‘Cause I will not forget


I will stand and hold my head up high
I will dedicate my life
To the glory of the ones who had to die
I will live, live what I believe
If for no one else but me
I will remember
That freedom’s never free

I will walk free
I will stay free
I will live free
I will die free!

Partial lyrics from Freedom’s Never Free by Philips, Craig and Dean


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