The Big Weekend is Here!

My half-marathon journey: I have spent the last few months training for my first half-marathon which will take place tomorrow! Prior to this spring, I had never run farther than 10 miles. I have had trouble with injuries when approaching that mileage in the past. I took a different approach this time. I followed a training program by Jeff Galloway, and I have been sharing some of my experiences along the way. Previous posts on this topic: Jeff Galloway – Week 3 Recap, Jeff Galloway – Week 5 Recap, Magic Miles, Jeff Galloway – 12 Week Recap.

It seems like just yesterday that I was trying to decide which race to do this weekend.

I was torn between doing the safe 10K or taking a risk and going for the half marathon. I sought advice here on the blog, on facebook, from friends and family, pretty much anyone who’d listen. I think I really wanted to go for it, but I was scared. Bolstered by all the encouragement I received, I have been training for the half marathon since January.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way. I had some pretty bad ankle pain at the end of February and ended up missing a couple weeks of training. Then I missed more runs while traveling. Thankfully, after that rough patch, training has been consistent in April and May. I have not reached a point where this half-marathon will be easy for me. Not even close. But I do feel about as prepared as I could be, and I’m nervous and excited at once.

Just three years ago at this time, I didn’t run at all. It has been such a positive experience, and I’m glad I decided to give Couch to 5K a try. I highly recommend Couch to 5K for anyone who wants to start running. It was an awesome program!

I will tell you all about it next week. Wish me luck!!

And, lest I forget, da da da dum! This week’s CSA goodies:

In the box: sauté mix, nettles, parsnips, rhubarb, ramps, spinach, burdock, and rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, sage, savory, and parsley for planting. We haven’t dared to plant outside yet due to frost advisories, so for the moment, they will join the rest of my indoor garden.

I hope to get all these planted outside soon!

What are your weekend plans? I look forward to catching up next week!


2 thoughts on “The Big Weekend is Here!

    • Yes, more nettles, like it or not. 😉 I didn’t realize that you can’t eat greens if you take coumadin. We get a lot of greens in our CSA share in the spring, so unless the rest of your family eats a lot of greens, it probably wouldn’t work for you. Peak season might work, though, because later into the summer there aren’t nearly as many greens.

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