The other day, we were having a rough time of things at our house.  The kids were bickering, and I was getting pretty grumpy myself.

Later in the day, we considered the possibility of going to the park. 

Part of me questioned whether my children deserved to go to the park that day. After all, their behavior hadn’t been terrific.

I decided to go. 

It was a beautiful afternoon, and we hadn’t had too many of those for a while.

As I watched my children playing in the fresh air and sunshine, and getting along beautifully, I couldn’t help but ask myself:  Would you rather be home with all that tension because they didn’t deserve a trip to the park?  Or would you rather give them a change in environment and chance to turn things around?

I was very happy we went to the park. It was just what the doctor ordered.

That’s grace, when we get something good that we didn’t earn.  Who doesn’t need a measure of grace at times? I know my children extend a lot of grace to me. I make mistakes. I get grumpy sometimes. What do they do? Well, yes, they make mistakes too. They misbehave sometimes. But they love me completely. They overlook my flaws and offer me grace on a daily basis. I need to do the same for them. Yes, there are consequences to actions. I’m not forgetting that, but I can take a moment to consider not just what they deserve, but also consider what will benefit them the most in any given situation. Sometimes that might just be to take a deep breath and try again.

May you have a “grace-full” day!


4 thoughts on “Deserved?

  1. I am so glad that you let go of what they “deserved” and focused on what you all needed. And BTW- just saw your twitter. How was I not following you?????

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