A Spring Classic

Yesterday we got to experience a true spring classic:  Track and Field Day.

Did you do that near the end of the school year when you were a kid?  I did, and I daresay, it was my favorite day of school.  Yesterday was Track and Field Day for my children with the homeschool co-op.

At 44 degrees and raining, we had to move everything into the gym at the last minute.  Not quite the same, but the kids did have a great time with various races and goofy challenges.  The goofiest was transporting cups of popcorn on their feet and emptying it into a paper bag.  It’s trickier than it may sound.  The team with the most popcorn in the bag at the end won.

I snapped several pictures throughout the event, but I don’t want to share those that have other people’s little ones in them.  Here are both my kids doing a race that involved dribbling and shooting a soccer ball. 

We also kicked off another spring rite – the first CSA box of the year!  I am so excited for CSA season!  Once again, my cooking will revolve around the contents of my weekly box.  Let the fun and learning begin!  It truly is a learning experience.  I have tried a number of things that I’d never even heard of before.  No doubt I will be sharing more about our CSA shares in the coming months.  I have so much fun trying new recipes, and I think that the benefit of buying organic produce from a local source extends beyond me and my household.  It’s such a win-win!  🙂

Here’s this week’s bounty!  This early in the season, the contents of our share are relatively small.  Some weeks later on, they can’t even fit all the food in the box!

In the box: parsnips, black radish, ramps, overwintered spinach, sunchokes, chives, sorrel, super chilis and red Russian kale.  I think this particular kale is new to me.  I’m looking forward to cooking up some springtime goodness!!

What are your favorite spring classics?


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