Faves, Updates and Plans

After considering current and historic world events in yesterday’s post, today I’m getting more personal and sharing some favorites from the weekend, along with April updates and May goals.

Favorite Facebook status seen over the weekend:  “April showers bring May snow.”  Tammy, if you’re reading, thanks for the smile!  I know we’re all tired of the unseasonably cold weather, but it could be a lot worse.  I do wonder if the late freezes are going to impact local farms.  For their sakes, and all of ours when it comes to food prices and availability, I do hope warm weather will come and stay soon.  At any rate, I laughed at this strange adaptation of the old familiar saying.

Favorite meal of the weekend:  We enjoyed a potluck dinner party, and everything was wonderful.  We had spinach dip, turkey and ham, potatoes, fruit salad, vegetable salad, and a glorious chocolate dessert.  I brought an old favorite salad recipe, Asian Noodle Salad, based on this Pioneer Woman recipe.  

I only break out this recipe when I’m going to have a lot of people to eat the salad.  It has so many wonderful veggies that you do end up with quite a salad (or quite a few half veggies left in your fridge to use for something else).  The beauty of it is that you can pick and choose your favorites from among the ingredients or what you have readily available, and include them in whatever proportions you like.  Based on what I could get at Trader Joe’s that day, my salad included:  green cabbage, baby spinach, cucumbers, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, scallions, cilantro, and linguine.  The dressing included olive oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, juice of one lime, jalapeno pepper, garlic, ginger, and brown sugar.  If you read this blog regularly, you are well aware that I’ve been reducing my sugar consumption lately, so you may be wondering why I would use brown sugar in my salad dressing.  If so, all I can say is try this salad!  It’s worth it.  🙂

Favorite family diversions: 

1)  Watching my daughter at gymnastics.  I said I wished I could enroll.  It looks so fun! 

2)  Going to the library!  I checked out two more cookbooks.  Why haven’t I always done this?  I love looking through cookbooks, but I don’t want to spend too much money or space on them.  This is a wonderful compromise! 

3) Playing Rock Band.  We hadn’t gotten it out in a very long time, and it was fun. 

Favorite sappy moment:  We had the confirmation service at church on Sunday with teens professing their faith after completing their confirmation classes.  I can remember these teens as young kids.  One of them has battled through a life-threatening medical condition in recent years.  I may have teared up a bit, seeing these kids so grown up, and looking so healthy and happy.

It was a great, relaxing weekend.

Now it’s time to take a look back at my April fitness goals.  I again set goals for crunches,  push-ups and dips.

Crunches (including normal, reverse, oblique, etc.)
Goal = 3000 for the month
Complete = 3000

Goal = 600 for the month
Complete = 605

Goal = 300 for the month
Complete = 300

Running                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Goal = follow half-marathon training plan                                                                        Complete = yes!  I ran over 55 miles in April.

I do think these have been good things for me to work on.  I feel myself getting a little stronger, which I love!  However, I was getting pretty tired of the same thing over and over again.  I hope I won’t lose too much of what I’ve gained, but I really needed to change things up.  Obviously, I’ll still be running.  Less than three weeks until the half!!  Wahoo!!

For May, I made some new goals for myself.  I will keep following my half-marathon training.  In addition to running, my goal is to complete at least fifteen workouts during the month choosing from my stash of workout DVDs or the Jillian Michael’s workout from Shape Magazine.  I also want try some planks most days.  I was curious how long I could hold a plank position, so I timed myself on Sunday.  I held 2 minutes 3 seconds.  I want to see how much I can improve that time.  I have no idea if this number is outrageous, but I wonder if I might be able to work up to 5 minutes.  It doesn’t hurt to try.  🙂

What are you planning this month?


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