Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a training class for my job. I know, you’re probably thinking, “She has a job?” I don’t talk about it here on the blog: 1) to respect the privacy of the individuals I work with (and to comply with HIPAA), 2) because my full-time job is at home at this point, while my employment is very part time, and 3) because it’s just not what my blog is about.

That said, I am making a little exception to share one wonderful little tidbit. It’s about value.

What makes something valuable to you? Is it functionality, beauty, how it helps you or makes you feel?

What if we’re talking not about a thing, but a person?

Is a person any more or less valuable based on what they accomplish? What they are capable of or have the potential to accomplish?

Is a person any more or less valuable based on how many people care about them?

Sure, we wouldn’t hire someone for a job he or she was incapable of. We won’t allow ourselves to be manipulated or used in our relationships. We do have some expectations of other people. But still, if they don’t meet our expectations for a job or we don’t get along well as friends, does that diminish their value as a person?

I hope you say it doesn’t.

That’s one thing I treasure about my employer, the firm belief that all lives are intrisically valuable.

We will never “click” with everyone we meet. We won’t get along with everyone we encounter. We won’t understand everyone else’s point of view. But I hope we will look at others as valuable human beings and treat them all with respect and dignity.

I hope we will all look at ourselves in that light as well.

I won’t kid myself. I know I have room for improvement. Don’t we all? But we can cut ourselves a little slack and realize that we don’t have to be perfect to have value. Neither does anyone else.

Wishing a wonderful day to your wonderful self – make it a good one!


2 thoughts on “Value

  1. I could not agree more. Your Timing is so on for this- this week it is true of a good friend, my hubby and my child. All, wanting to be valued and grow, are being shut down in their workplaces. I see schools doing this to children. Not accepting their intrinsic value. I am so happy that you feel a sense of Value at your P/T job.

    So tonight- I am taking all three out for dinner. It is our night to Value those who do not feel valued so they remember their worth.

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