With a name like…

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, I just had to elaborate. I couldn’t simply add it to my book list and leave it at that. Our book club selection for April, written by Minnesota author Lorna Landvik, has a misleading title. The women in this story were not idle, as the bon bons reference suggests. They were angry at times, but then again, who isn’t?

The ‘angry housewives’ were a group of women, neighbors, who started a book club and grew to be terrific friends and a strong support system as they shared life’s joys and struggles. The story, starting in the lates 60s and spanning three decades, mainly covers the lives of the characters, but the historical backdrop was interesting as well (including the Vietnam War, Nixon’s resignation, feminism, and the AIDS crisis of the 1980s).

Initially, their husbands seemed a little taken aback by the idea of a women’s book club, making comments like:

“I think they sit around reading feminist propaganda and b***ing about their husbands.”

“I thought it was just a bunch of angry housewives sitting around eating bon bons and yakking about love stories.”

I am glad that it isn’t such a radical or threatening notion anymore, that a group of women would gather together to discuss books, ideas and life. As a book clubber myself, I really enjoy being challenged to read things I might not read otherwise as well as to share my reading interests with friends. I enjoy the greater depth of conversation we achieve as we use the books for a starting point and get into topics we might otherwise not. I enjoy relaxing with friends as we chat and sip a cup of tea.

At its heart, Angry Housewives was a story about friendships among women, as well as the love between mothers and children.

Coincidentally, I grabbed a book to read while I waited for Angry Housewives to become available from the library. I wanted something light and quick. Having no idea what Angry Housewives was going to be about, I picked one called The Reading Group. That’s a lot of reading about reading! I did enjoy both, and now I’m ready to move on to something different.

What have you read lately?


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