Great weekend for a run

Oh, what a lovely weekend we had here in Minneapolis. We were in the 60s on Saturday and even topped 70 on Sunday. What a perfect weekend for running!

I did my long run on Saturday: 8.5 miles. As I said, it was SO nice out. It’s worth repeating. It was a long winter. It’s great to be back outside after running at a track over the winter. It’s a wonderful change of scenery. Or maybe I should say it actually has some scenery, unlike the track. I ran along a lake and noted that there is some open water near shore. Ducks and geese appeared to appreciate that fact. The majority of the lake was still ice-covered. With days like these, it can’t be much longer before the ice melts. Another notable feature of transitioning from track to outdoor running is the real world weather and terrain. It challenges me every spring. Hills, uneven footing, wind… all of them make for a more challenging run than the perfectly flat, temperature-controlled track. It feels good to be back out there.

I rarely run two days in a row, but I made an exception this weekend. I knew the Worldwide WordPress 5K was set for yesterday, April 10. I’m a sucker for a 5K, so of course I wanted to take part. After a long run on Saturday, I knew I wanted a relaxed 5K on Sunday. I asked my daughter if she’d like to join me. She’s eight, and she ran her first 5K last summer. She decided that she’d like to bike, so she and I headed out together. Let me tell you, trying to keep pace with a child on a bike is, um, interesting. Sometimes she would zip ahead of me and I’d push myself to keep up. Sometimes she would rather walk (I believe I mentioned hills, right?). I just went with it. The point of our bike/walk/run was to have fun together, knowing that a whole lot of people around the world would be doing the same.

Another fine feature of our weekend was our first time grilling this spring. My husband grilled up some steaks for us on Sunday. Yum.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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