Back to my roots

I grew up in a meat and potatoes household. For dinner, almost every night, we had some type of meat, potatoes, and a vegetable.

Even today, if I make a meal that doesn’t have three distinct things, I feel a bit as if I haven’t really made a complete dinner. For me, it has evolved to a main dish (whatever it may be, meat or not), a side vegetable or salad, a side fruit, and sometimes a grain like rice, pasta, quinoa or millet, or even potatoes. Whatever else we may be having, I usually offer some type of fruit on the side so I will have at least three things. Funny, huh? It’s probably not so bad, because it does make sure we have plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The other night, I had taken down some ground beef to thaw, thinking I’d make tacos/taco salad for dinner. I completely forgot that I had used up all the cheddar cheese, and a tiny bit of swiss really wasn’t going to help for tacos. I had to figure out something to do with that ground beef that wouldn’t use gluten, sugar or processed foods.

As is often the case, I searched online for recipe ideas. I found one that simply called for browning the ground beef then baking with diced potatoes and salt and pepper to taste. We had that for our main dish at dinner, and it totally reminded me of my childhood meat and potatoes dinners. As I was eating it, I said to my husband, “I bet this would be great on top of a big bed of spinach.”

Guess what’s for lunch until I run out of leftovers? Yes indeed, meat and potatoes atop a huge pile of spinach, with fruit on the side, of course. And you know what, I am totally enjoying it. As you can see, I don’t fool around when it comes to piles of spinach.

Sometimes it feels good to go back to your roots. 🙂


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