Cleanse Update

Here I am, smack in the middle of the second week of this Tony Horton cleanse. I have been without caffeine (including chocolate, I might add) and alcohol for ten days.

A probably obvious effect: When I am tired now, I have no choice but to feel it , so I have been sleeping more. That’s something I knew I needed, but just kept struggling with. I think I have slept eight hours almost every night since cutting the caffeine from my routine.

An unanticipated effect: We went out to eat once last weekend, and both my husband and I drank water. Our bill was noticably smaller with no drinks. Nice!

I have also now gone three days with no added sugar, no gluten, and no processed foods. It is okay with me so far. I searched the web for gluten-free recipes, just to get some fresh ideas, and I ended up making this wonderful asparagus frittata. There are a lot of things I am not eating right now, but I am also realizing there are a lot of things I can eat while following this cleanse. I will let you know if I still feel this way once I’ve given up animal products, but for now I’m A-OK.

I will be honest, I am still waiting for this amazing energy that Tony spoke of in his book. I am less than halfway through, though, so I will give it time.

Have you ever done some sort of nutritional cleanse? Do you think it’s valuable? Nonsense? Helpful? Harmful?


3 thoughts on “Cleanse Update

    • I guess I did cut caffeine and alcohol for the better part of four years during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I suppose that was a good enough reason for me. I also gave up caffeine temporarily before my heart surgery.

      I might run from the word cleanse too, but I thought it might be just the nudge I need to cut back on junk.

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