Little Things

I am just reveling in the little things these last few days. Over the weekend, I went on my first outdoor run of the spring. It felt wonderful to be outside. The trails were wet and a little muddy in places, but the snow on my usual running trails as finally melted!! (I think we may have a little more snow in our forecast, but I’ll take that when/if it comes.)

I found a good deal, which certainly makes me happy. You see, I have taken to adding chia seeds to my oatmeal occasionally since last summer, but they are so expensive. On Monday, I found chia seeds at a far, far better price than I’d previously found, so I’m excited about that.

Side note: The whole chia seeds interest, for me, orginated with the book Born to Run. It was a really fun and inspiring book to read. I think non-runners would enjoy it, too.

Last, but not least, our family started making some plans for a garden. My husband and I don’t have a great history as gardeners, although we both have/(had) parents and grandparents who garden(ed). I hope that we will have some success with a garden, and maybe become gardeners ourselves. Our children have pledged to help care for the garden, and I plan to hold them to it. 🙂 I am excited at the idea of it, and I am hopeful that it will be a positive experience for us all.

What little things are you happy about today?


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