Time Marches On

I’d have to say March passed by at break-neck speed. (More so than usual.)

Now that the month is over, I’m looking back on my goals to see how I did. I missed several runs, between the sore ankle and traveling. I wasn’t comfortable running outdoors in Costa Rica (narrow mountain roads), and I didn’t have access to a gym for most of the trip. Thankfully, I did log a lot of walking and hiking miles, and that’s better than nothing. Here’s to diving back in for the month of April and getting some better running mileage! My half marathon is now less than two months away!

I had set some goals for crunches, push-ups and dips.

Crunches (including normal, reverse, oblique, etc.)
Goal = 3100 for the month
Complete = 3100

Goal = 400 for the month
Complete = 497

Goal = 310 for the month
Complete = 320

I need to come up with some personal goals for April (today). I seem to do better when I have set some specific goals. If I don’t bring it up again sooner, I will report back after the end of the month.

As far as food goes, I have been eating a lot of good foods, including a variety of colors. 🙂 In addition to a lot of good foods, I have also been eating too much junk. I am realizing that I have to concentrate on both sides of this equation (duh!). I have to cut the junk to get the most benefit from the good choices. I doubt you will ever find me completely swearing off sweets or other treats, but I am going to work on cutting back significantly.

I recently skimmed Tony Horton’s Bring It. I had enjoyed his Power 90 workout last summer and was interested in reading his book. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to read it in full before returning it to the library, and I focused on the food portion of the book.

According to Tony, I am regularly consuming 5 of the 10 most toxic foods, with a couple more cropping up at least occasionally. I am not convinced that gluten and dairy are, in fact, toxic, but I won’t argue with soda, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. My little love affair with Diet Dr. Pepper hits all three in one fell swoop, and I have no doubt that I am physically addicted to the caffeine.

I have cut back on caffeine in the past, and I find that I always creep back up to consuming way too much. I have “given up” caffeine in the past, only to eventually decide to have a little, which then creeps up to a lot. Argh. The flesh is weak.

Back to Tony. He recommends a cleanse to get these toxic foods out of your system. He claims that you will feel so energetic that you will likely choose to make some of these changes permanent.

As I mentioned above, I tend to do better when I have a specific goal in mind. I saw this as an opportunity to really cut the junk. I wouldn’t consider it if I thought that I was being asked to give up any nutrients that I couldn’t get somewhere else. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. At any rate, the most significant changes only last a short time.

The first phase is to eliminate coffee, caffeine and alcohol. (My husband asked why coffee AND caffeine. I assume you’re not supposed to drink decaf. I don’t know. I don’t drink coffee, so I am not concerned about the distinction.)

I am on day six without caffeine and alcohol. I don’t drink enough alcohol to notice anything there, but I have definitely noticed the absence of caffeine in the form of headaches and fatigue. I am going to bed earlier and sleeping longer without caffeine. (Ding, ding, ding! Maybe this will allow me to finally get enough sleep at night.)

Next up will be sugar, processed foods, and gluten. This will be harder for me. I mean, it probably won’t cause headaches or anything, but I will miss some of these foods.

Then it will be dairy, then other animal products. I will also miss dairy.

I figure I will be eating rice, quinoa, and millet along with fruits and veggies and not much else for a few weeks. I assume I will go back to meat, dairy and gluten, but we’ll see. I also assume I will go back to sugar, but not a lot of it. I see no reason to include Diet Dr. Pepper in my life.

I will let you know how it goes and if it does lead to any permanent changes in my food choices.


2 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. Great post and welcome back from Costa Rica! I took that trip two years ago and I loved it. I am also traveling right now and can’t wait to detox when I get home – been way overeating and enjoying strong morning coffees.

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