Costa Rica, Part 3

For the first two legs of our whirlwind tour of Costa Rica, see Costa Rica Part 1, and Costa Rica Part 2.

My husband and I were trying to determine how to drive to Santa Elena, the town nearest the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We had a small problem, our map indicated no roads leading to Santa Elena. Luckily, an employee at the Arenal Volcano area resort had once lived in Santa Elena and could describe the way to go. (The description is as follows, “Go back to Tilaran and take a left.” We had to hope that the road in Tilaran would be obvious. We guessed at a left turn and it was the correct road. Hurray!)

Lake Arenal was the view for a large chunk of our drive to and from the Arenal Volcano area. It was beautiful. On the way back, we stopped to snap a photo.

This trek seemed even more remote than the first, but we eventually reached Santa Elena and checked into our hotel. We arrived on our wedding anniversary, so this welcome was especially sweet.

In this area, we hiked in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. It truly was the jungle. I simply could not help myself when I saw these vines overhanging the path.

We saw many beautiful and interesting flowers, trees, and plants. We heard (but didn’t usually see) many birds and frogs. It was amazing to be walking in a place like this, to really see the cloud forest.

Our last day and night was at the Blue River, at a resort with natural hot spring pools. We decided that we’d like to spend more time in that area if we make back someday.

It was a very fun trip, and we’ve been spending the last few days adjusting back to life as usual (which is pretty wonderful too, glad to be back home with my kids).

If you ever plan to visit a location like this, I will tell you the things I was most glad to have along: my rain jacket, a backpack (thanks to my daughter), and good shoes.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. 🙂 Just had to share about such a beautiful place with so many things to see.


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