Costa Rica, Part 1

I hope you will indulge me a bit. I had such a wonderful trip to Costa Rica that I want to share.

One thing about this trip, I felt we were able to keep up (or maybe improve) our healthy choices on vacation. I have not always felt that way. Sometimes, I have come home from a vacation heavier, sluggish and exhausted. On this trip, we had ample opportunity to be active, we had great fresh food to eat (I think I could be content eating rice and beans and buckets of fresh fruit), and we found we were going to bed early and rising early naturally. It was quite pleasant, actually. Despite mentioning a couple times that maybe we’d go out for the night, we’d always be ready for bed by 10 pm. Maybe a sign of old age. 😉

One of my firsts on this trip was visiting the Pacific Ocean. We went snorkeling one day (sorry no pictures), and our guide picked up starfish and a pufferfish for anyone who wanted to to hold. I did. Sort of surreal holding the puffer fish.

I documented the moment I first touched the Pacific.

We also went for a long hike along the rocky shore. My husband and I both enjoyed this a lot. It was beautiful, we saw a lot of little critters, and the terrain was quite challenging in places, which was fun.

We reached one point where there was a groove worn into the rock and water would go in and out of that groove as the waves came in and out. It would create this fantastic spray.

We watched quite a while, and my husband was pretty certain of the pattern – three sprays with the third being the biggest, then a pause. I watched to confirm his theory. Convinced, I scaled the rocks over the top of that groove to get to the other side. (That was the only way we could continue our trek.)

This is the view looking back toward my husband after I had crossed over to the other side. Unfortunately, there was a similar passage that was much wider just ahead, so I didn’t make it much farther. We enjoyed exploring the shore that way.

We also enjoyed a stereotypical sunset walk along the beach while we were there. So pretty.

Perhaps I should have shown this guy first, as he was one of the first things we saw upon arriving at the resort. We were impressed by his size and a little surprised to happen upon him walking down the stairs.

We also saw this fellow hanging around the resort restaurant. I had to look him up to see what he was. I think it was the coatimundi.

This is a shot of the pool area of the resort.

This first leg of the trip, the beach portion, was just lovely. It was sunny and 90 degrees while we were there, though it did get pretty windy. We enjoyed sipping mojitos and margaritas while feeling the nice sea breeze in the evening. Just a lovely, relaxing time.

Then we headed out on our first real adventure. More on that tomorrow.

What kind of vacation do you prefer? Relaxing? Active? Adventurous?


3 thoughts on “Costa Rica, Part 1

  1. Oh, WOW! Costa Rica is on my list of places to visit. Looks like you saw some gorgeous sites and had a blast- I’m so glad!

    I prefer adventurous trips with lots of fun things to do, which makes planning a relaxing babymoon weekend getaway difficult… we’re not good at the whole relaxing part.

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