A Week of Many Firsts

I’m home!!! It’s good to be back.

My husband I took a trip to Costa Rica, and it was a week of many firsts for me, some more exciting than others.

My first:

* Time to say goodbye to my kids for a whole week.

* Related to above, the first time to spend a week alone with my husband since becoming parents.

* Time in Georgia, albeit limited to the Atlanta airport.

* Time in Costa Rica, and Central America in general.

* Time to have my brand spanking new passport stamped. 🙂

* Time to the Pacific Ocean.

* Time to run on a treadmill (funny I had to travel to Costa Rica to do that).

* Time to hold a puffer fish in my hands. (Yikes)

* Time to see an active volcano.

* Time to see monkeys in the wild.

* Time to go to a cloud forest.

There are probably others that I haven’t thought of. It was a wonderful trip. We considered it quite an adventure. We rented a vehicle and visited a few different areas of the country while we were there. That meant less time spent in each location, but who knows when/if we’ll be back? We definitely wanted to visit the Arenal Volcano and the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Driving in Costa Rica was quite different from here in the U.S. It was an adventure, all right.

We loved the people, the scenery, the food… we would definitely go back someday.

I will be sharing pictures and more details, but for now, I better get back to the kiddos. We are working on getting back to our normal routine here.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!



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