Well, that was easy.

For the longest time, I have been meaning to figure out how to make fettucine alfredo without any help from Ragu. Sad, but true.

I broke out my old friend, The Joy of Cooking. It is a super reference book for many a cooking question.

It turns out that fettucine alfredo is very easy to make. Who knew? (Though, in my case, it was whole wheat spaghetti alfredo. I do not hesitate to use whatever pasta shape I have on hand.)

Want to know one more reason that cooking foods yourself is a good thing? Well, I guess it is the same main reason I usually cite, but with a different application. Because you know exactly what went in it.

In this case, I have now become very aware that my dinner of “spaghetti alfredo” contained half a stick of butter, half a cup of cream and half a cup of parmesan cheese. (That’s the whole shebang, not an individual serving, by the way.) Light cooking, it was not. Tasty, it was.

I do believe as long as I consume dairy, I will be willing to eat this occasionally, even realizing how heavy the ingredients are. I keep running across more and more info that suggests that humans weren’t necessarily built for digesting dairy. Big sigh… I love dairy.

I hope that serving it on a bed of spinach and a side of asparagus counts for something. They are light, are they not?

And, lest you think I forgot to include a variety of color in my produce, I present you with dessert:

Greek yogurt with berries is a dessert favorite around here. And further evidence of my fondness for dairy.

Have you ever been surprised to find how simple a recipe really is? Have you ever sworn off a food once you realized what went in it?

(I have decided NOT to make something upon seeing what it contained, if that counts.)


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