Look at my lunch

Look at yesterday’s lunch, and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

What did you say? That it’s all the same color? That’s what I said.

Looks like it’s time for a grocery run! I know we should eating a rainbow of foods, but my rainbow was dwindling. I haven’t thought a lot about it, but it seems like the orange foods keep a little better than some other lovely colors that we enjoy eating. By the end of the week, it seems we have eaten up our berries, bananas, tomatoes, and greens. They are foods that spoil more quickly, and we eat them up right away.

Side note: who am I kidding? We don’t have fresh berries at this time of year. I saw strawberries priced more reasonably a few weeks ago, and they were pitiful. Some even had mold. In the store. Ew. OK, back to the subject.

It was just coincidence that we had quesadillas for lunch at the same time that we were down to our orange-colored produce, but it did grab my attention.

I’ll have to do some planning to try and avoid monochromatic meals as grocery day approaches. I know it’s doable with more thoughtful produce choices and supplementing with frozen. I’ll have to enlist my children’s help. They may find it fun to plan rainbow food. 🙂

Happy Friday!

Do you ever find yourself with some unusual meals as grocery shopping day approaches?


2 thoughts on “Look at my lunch

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