Signs of Spring

It may be wishful thinking, but the signs seem to be everywhere. Spring must be coming.

1. There is open water in our backyard wetland area, and there are oodles of ducks congregating there. We do normally see a few mallards and a few wood ducks every spring, but we literally have hundreds hanging around this week. It has been quite a sight.

2. We just sent in our registration for the 2011 CSA season. I will be so happy to have all those nice fresh local vegetables again! I am lucky to have my little helpers. M. & G. can help me with washing, peeling and shelling. I haven’t put them to work chopping yet, but I’m sure that day will come.

3. We are starting to make arrangements for summer camping. We have reserved a spot for one weekend in July and will probably plan for a couple more weekends over the summer.

4. Ragnar Relay Chicago has finally released information on the legs! Now we can really start planning. I am really looking forward to it!

I should point out, it is still cold and snowy here in MN, but these little signs are pointing the way to spring. Keep ’em coming!

Is it still wintery where you live?


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