The good, the bad and the ugly

My weekend had some ups and downs. Such is life, I suppose. Here’s a run down.

Good: My husband and I attended our Senate District Convention on Saturday. I think it is a good opportunity to be involved in our community in this way. As delegates, we get to take part in endorsing candidates for upcoming elections. This being an off year, we were voting on leadership within the Senate District.

Bad: As you can imagine, there can be some difference of opinion in such a setting. There was some definite tension at the meeting.

Ugly: I’m sure you will agree that it is possible to disagree without being disrespectful. Unfortunately, there were some present on Saturday who did not remain respectful in their differences. Things got pretty ugly for a while.

Good: I played some games with my family in the afternoon.

Good: I went out for a run.

Bad: Shortly into the run, I felt like my ankle was buckling. I walked for about a mile, and it did not hurt while I was walking.

Ugly: I decided to try running again and see how it felt. It hurt on the very first step of running. This is out of nowhere. I have been taking my runs slow and easy, and I have no idea why I suddenly have ankle pain. I will take things super easy this week, maybe walking all of my scheduled mileage to give things a chance to heal up. I am thankful that walking doesn’t hurt. I hope that it won’t linger, whatever it is.

Good: I “watched a movie” with my husband after our kids went to bed on Saturday. In reality, we put a movie on, my husband watched it, and I fell asleep cuddled up to him. That is not unusual. He teases me that I rarely do see the movies we decide to watch.

Good: Choir sang in church on Sunday morning. Sunday school, adult Bible study, church service – all good.

Bad: My car has been making a horrible whining noise lately, so we dropped it off to get checked out. It’s eleven years old, but I sure would love to keep it longer. I will be without a car until we get it back from the shop.

Good: I made lip gloss with my daughter on Sunday afternoon. It was a sticky messy project, but we had fun with it. She had received the kit as a birthday gift.

Good: We got a special delivery – Girl Scout cookies from our niece.

Good: I played a little Monopoly with my children, then we read stories together before bed on Sunday.

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ve seen that there were far more “goods” than “bads” or “uglies” listed. And the bad things weren’t all that bad. I do count myself lucky. (But I sure hope my ankle will be okay. I have some running fun planned this summer, and I’d hate to miss it!)

How was your weekend? I hope you also experienced more good than bad.


3 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Thinking more about the ankle. Even though it took some time to show up, maybe the pain stems from running hard for that one “magic mile.” Maybe I need to keep things slower all the time while I’m trying to increase my mileage. Anyone who has an opinion is more than welcome to chime in. Please and thank you. 🙂

  2. Ankle advice…….. ice, I find that my ankle and achilles are better when i sleep with my feet off the end of the bed…. I am a tummy sleeper so they just rest off the edge and it puts less strain on them. And for strengthening- stand on one foot, raise the opposite and then do the other side. For fun close your eyes!!! Good luck I am sure you will be fine!!

    • Thank you for the encouragement and advice. I was so surprised to have any troubles when I have been deliberately running at a slower pace… I still have over two months until the half, thankfully.

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